Effects Of Beer : Positive Or Questionable ?

Effects Of Beer : Positive Or Questionable ?

People around the planet have actually been drinking the magnificent drink of beer for thousands of years. Beer has become the most popular alcoholic beverage that is made by breweries all around the world. Most types of beer actually contain 4 to 6% of alcohol. Because of the emerging research that has been conducted on beer, there is a lot of information that is being sad about it. In this article, I will be talking about all of the effects of beer on the human body.

1. First, let us see the nutrition content of beer. Even though beer is often viewed as empty calories, it does contain some vitamins and minerals that we can consider. It does actually contain small amounts of calcium, potassium, zinc and iron. The contents of vitamin B and minerals are also present in at least 355 mL of beer. And if we are looking at light beer, it has around 2/3 of calories when compared to regular beer. It has slightly less alcohol content as well.

2. Now let us look at the potential benefits of beer. It is linked to a lot of health benefits. Heart disease is actually the leading cause of death, especially in the United States of America. There are a lot of studies that suggest that light to moderate drinking of beer will associate a lesser risk of heart disease.

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3. It also has the potential to improve blood sugar control. If you are looking at light to moderate alcohol intake in the form of beer, it will improve your blood sugar control and, people who suffer from diabetes, it should be really happy about this. There are a lot of studies that have found that it reduces insulin resistance, and it helps with better control.

4. If we are looking at other potential benefits, we are looking at adding bone density levels. It helps with bone density protection. It also reduces your risk of dementia.

But, with every amazing thing, that has to be a couple of downsides. Now, let us look at a couple of disadvantages to the consumption of beer. Even though light to moderate intake of beer has a lot of benefits, heavy intake can actually be quite harmful. It increases your risk of alcohol dependence.

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It may make you want alcohol frequently. It has also been proven that it may increase the risk of depression in people who drink. I feel that I should also mention that the risk of liver disease among extreme drinkers is prevalent. Many people have found that they have gained a lot of weight when they had started drinking beer much more often.
In conclusion, I feel that if you drink beer moderately, it should be fine. Use it for relaxation.

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